Best Web Development Tool

Best Web Development Tool

To learn web development in any language, you first need to learn the basics of this intellectual type of activity – variables, algorithms, conditions, etc. Basic programming concepts are best learned through practice. And special training programs can help novice programmers in this. Although they are positioned as programs for teaching children, they can also be used by adults who are just learning to program.

Installing Sublime as One of the Greatest Web Development Tools

It is a paid program, but you can download the free version and use it as much as you want. If you like this editor and will use it constantly, we recommend paying for a license. It can actually be helpful to spend some time researching the color options as you will be spending many hours working with the editor. You can also change the font size through the Font submenu of the Preferences tab to make the text even easier to read.

There is no need to memorize and enter commands, therefore this program is suitable for the youngest novice programmers. Instead of writing commands, function blocks are used here, each of which contains Logo commands.

Learning to program in Scratch is done using the same “Turtle Graphics”, but in a slightly different form. Instead of one turtle, the user will have many sprites at his disposal – small graphic images (stickers) in the form of animals, fruits, clothes, people, etc. Each sprite added to the scene (the area of the screen where the result is displayed) can be assigned an unlimited number of commands that will be sequentially executed by this sprite.

All commands available in the library are located on the left side of the program window. They are blocks similar to a constructor or puzzle pieces, which are attached to each other in a special way (depending on the functional purpose of the block). The commands are standard for the Logo language: go, turn, go, repeat, etc.

Free Software FMSLogo as Second the best Web Development Tool

FMSLogo is a free program for web designing in the Logo language. This language began to be used for educational purposes as early as 1967. It is still taught to children of school and preschool age. The FMSLogo program is the next version of the Logo-programs development environment. It supports many languages, including Russian, and also has a function that implements user commands in real-time.

The main training tool in the FMSLogo development environment is the so-called. “Turtle graphics”, which means drawing (mainly shapes) using user commands. Those. To create a shape, the user enters commands into the console, which are then repeated by the “turtle” (in the case of FMSLogo, this is a triangle): forward, backward, rotate, repeat, etc. The teams themselves can have not only English but also other language spelling, which further simplifies the learning process.

But these are just the simplest commands:

  1. The programs developed in the FMSLogo environment also support mathematical calculations, moreover, rather complex ones, and cycles, and work with text.
  2. The same shape can be drawn in two ways – either by sequentially entering the appropriate commands or by using loops. For example, this is what the English command for drawing a hexagon looks like.
  3. The FMSLogo program also has a Logo code editor with the autocomplete function, like any modern programming. Having learned the commands, the novice programmer will be able to move on to creating functions.

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